Animal in motion

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Animal In Motion/Back in motion is a holistic practice where osteopathy and IMT are central. By looking at the body in its entirety and tackling a problem from multiple angles, a problem can be tackled at its root. By working cause-oriented instead of symptom-oriented, we try to activate the body's self-healing capacity, so that good resistance can be achieved: 'the body can withstand a blow'.

A symptom is usually a message from the body that 'something' is not right. By determining the origin of this symptom, we can trace the cause of the illness and treat it. By maintaining the balance of the physical, emotional and energetic balance (preventive), restoring (curative) or maintaining/optimizing (curative) we have a major effect on the quality of life.
Animal In Motion works with various specialists in both complementary and regular healthcare. It is precisely by working together that we strive to achieve the best possible health in all areas.

The lecherantenna

During each consultation I use the lecher antenna to measure the client. Based on these values ​​and the blockages and/or movement restrictions that I feel, I have a clear picture of the body and organs on a physical, emotional and energetic level, but also about the presence of, for example, parasites (which in certain cases is a contraindication). indication for osteopathy).
By then looking at the body in 'layers' - the body 'knows' brilliantly which disturbances need to be addressed first - I arrive at a concrete treatment plan. The Lecher can also be used to measure which resources or measures are most appropriate, but also which diet is appropriate, for example.

The lecher antenna as a measuring instrument
The Lecher antenna looks like a kind of 'green ruler with scale'. The instrument was designed by the physicist R. Schneider and consists of a plastic plate of epoxy glass fiber on which a copper lecher transmission line with a graduation is attached. The various wavelengths can then be set using a slider. Two handles are attached to the plastic plate, with a magnetic bar in one handle. This rod is poled, so a positive or negative polarity can be set.
Every organ, every parasite, every emotion, every tissue has its own vibration frequency. Nowadays more than 3000 frequencies are known, which allows us to measure a lot. The relevant frequency can be set on the lecher antenna, after which the relevant tissue can be measured. What is decisive here is the number of turns that the lecher antenna makes during the measurement. The ratio between the positive and negative values ​​determines the extent to which an organ (or other tissue) is in balance.
Once the person has been fully measured, the cause of the complaint(s) can be traced and a treatment plan can be drawn up based on these values, the blockages found from osteopathy and the experiences and knowledge of, among other things, the five-element theory.