Animal in motion

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About the practice

The therapist
My name is Christel Dubbeld (1983). After obtaining my diploma in Physiotherapy at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (2004), I specialized further. First in edema therapy modum Vodder and the Master 'Oncology & Physiotherapy' and then in Veterinary osteopathy at ICREO (2008). In the years that followed, I continued to delve deeper into complementary healthcare, learned to work with the Lecherantenne and took various training courses in the field of Phytotherapy, Orthomolecular Therapy, spagyrics and nutrition in both human and veterinary fields. I also followed the Trigger Point Reset Method training.

More than 15 years have passed now and, as a holistic therapist and osteopath, I have gained extensive experience in quickly and effectively eliminating headaches, back pain, neck pain, gastrointestinal complaints, skin problems, hormone problems, etc. in both humans and animals.

As a therapist, I focus on restoring, activating or maintaining the body's self-healing capacity. I look at the person as a whole - at the entire system - and try to treat the cause of the complaint as much as possible instead of just the symptom. 


The practice was founded in 2008 as 'Animal in motion'. The practice quickly grew into a full-time practice, in which I initially focused mainly on the treatment of dogs, cats and horses. Of course, other animals were (and still are) easy to treat, and that's how I treat cows, pigs, sheep, donkeys, guinea pigs, rabbits and even a swan.
In my practice I look at the total picture - the entire system - and this often includes the owner. After all: just like children, animals can reflect beautifully. And so, over the years, there were more and more humane requests: initially only 'the owner of', but now the practice is also widely visited by people without animals.

It is great to now be able to combine my experience from the regular profession (my experience as a physiotherapist and edema therapist) with a holistic, natural vision. I understand both worlds, so it is not 'either this or that', but I experience that both worlds can complement each other beautifully.

At the beginning of 2023, I emigrated with Maart
en, our children Thomas, Kate, Oliver and Noah and a large part of our animals to Bornholm, a Danish island near Sweden. We were looking for more peace, more space, more nature, more opportunities to live a self-sufficient life and wanted to continue to provide 'normal' homeschooling, something that was becoming increasingly difficult in the Netherlands. We have been living in our new place since March, which we are incredibly happy with.

Emigration did cause quite a few changes; I now come to the Netherlands every 4 to 6 weeks for physical appointments. I also work a lot online: I measure people and animals based on a photo and intake, after which I draw up a treatment plan. The resources can then be sent from the Netherlands. So far we have been very pleased with this way of working; I can respond much faster to (acute) requests for help (something that was previously quite difficult due to a busy agenda) and I can also regularly see patients 'live' in the practice.