Animal in motion

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 Natural healthcare for humans and animals

Welcome to the website of Animal In Motion and Back in motion!
I treat both people and animals from a holistic view. Holistic means that I look at a body as a whole; an attempt is made to tackle the cause of the problem as much as possible through multiple perspectives, instead of just the symptom. A holistic approach is also very effective for chronic complaints, behavioral problems, old age complaints and allergies.
Animal In Motion/Back in motion focuses on people who choose to pursue sustainable health through natural means and measures.
By using manual techniques from various methods (osteopathy, physiotherapy, IMT, Triggerpoint RESET method) combined with natural remedies from phytotherapy (herbs), orthomolecular therapy and energetic remedies, we activate, restore and/or maintain the self-healing capacity. from the body.
Both acute complaints (infection, pain, blockages) and chronic complaints can be treated from this holistic view.
Both physical complaints (musculoskeletal system, organs) and emotional complaints (stress, fatigue, trauma, complaints from high sensitivity) can be treated.
The view of the body as a whole - the entire system - is paramount.
Suitable for young and old - from checking your baby after a difficult birth, to support for osteoarthritis, from 'puppy check' to 'senior check'.
On this website you can read more about the practice, about the methodology I work with, the lecherantenne and various interesting articles.
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